work at home tipsOne of the greatest challenges of any home based business is bringing in customers. Unlike a physical storefront, with a home based business nobody is going to just "walk by" and make a purchase. You have to be proactive. You have to get your message in front of your customers. You have to draw people in. My Work at Home Tips for doing that is to use our resources available smartly.

Here are seven different ways to market a home business.

==> Method #1: Word of Mouth

This is one of the most common ways of marketing a small business. Start with your social circle and anyone your social circle knows. Deliver great quality work and let people refer other people to you.

This method works, but it's slow. You don't have much control over the speed at which you generate sales.

==> Method #2: Craigslist

For many service-based businesses, Craigslist is a fantastic tool. If you're a photographer, graphic designer, massage therapist, guitar teacher or any other kind of freelancer, Craigslist can send you a lot of traffic.

==> Method #3: Host Events

Creating events is a great way to build your brand name and build your credibility. When you create an event and put yourself in front of a room, people automatically assume that you know what you're talking about. As your event grows, so will your influence. Clients and buyers will come to you naturally.

==> Method #4: Search Engine Optimization

Try to get your website(s) to rank in the search engines for specific key phrases. This takes a lot of work up front, but once you're up in the rankings you'll be getting tons of absolutely free traffic.  I use the free tool Google Keyword Planner and I supplement that with Keyword Snatcher which gives you much more in depth keyword research.

==> Method #5: Pay for Web Traffic

You can make a lot of money if you're willing to spend a bit of money. Paid web traffic can be a great way to bring in more customers.

Popular avenues include Google AdWords, Facebook PPC, paid banner advertising and paid email marketing

==> Method #6: Partnerships

Look for other people in your industry who would want to partner with you. For example, say you teach a real estate investing course. You might look for real estate agents, estate planners and asset managers who deal with the same client base as you.

Do joint projects, joint events, joint mailings and other such partnerships to share your customer and contact base. You all win as a result.

==> Method #7: Email and Newsletter Marketing

Finally, start your own newsletter. Your newsletter can be in email format or it can be an actual printed newsletter.

Newsletters allow you to build a relationship with people over time. They'll come to trust you more and more as you consistently deliver quality content. People who would never otherwise become customers will eventually make the jump.  Aweber is the tool I use to create newsletters.

These are seven different ways you can grow your home based business. Customers aren't just going to come to you – you need to go out and get them. These seven tactics can help just about any home based business expand and grow their profits.  Check back often for more Work at Home Tips.

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Askillss a home business owner, it's essential that you regularly learn new skills to stay ahead of the curve. There is no set "continuing education" curriculum and no co-workers to teach you new skills. When you run your own business, if you don't make a conscious effort to learn new skills and stay sharp, you will fall behind.

Today's markets and technologies evolve very quickly. If you aren't constantly learning, your knowledge and skills will quickly grow dull. So how do you stay sharp and continually learn?

==> Read at Least One Book a Month

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work from home Owning your own work at home business can be a very lonely affair. You could spend all day by yourself, in your bedroom or office. Unlike a normal office, you get little to no social interaction.

Working alone like this can be quite unhealthy for many reasons. It can cause depression, it can cause loneliness and it can decrease motivation. Furthermore, you won't have people to bounce ideas off of, to collaborate with or to hold you accountable.

Adding human interaction back into the mix is a fantastic way to add more support to your life and your business. You'll be happier, work better and likely be more successful.

1.  Working in Co-Working Spaces

Most major cities in the world, from New York to San Francisco to London to Hong Kong, now have co-working spaces.

These spaces bring together solo entrepreneurs and telecommuters like yourself and give them a space to work out of. You can meet and network with other people while working in a productive environment.

Most co-working spaces offer a day or a week for free. Consider trying out some of these co-working spaces to see how it affects your productivity.

2.  Go to Conferences

Conferences allow you to meet other people in your industry. It allows you to meet "gurus," vendors, advertisers and all kinds of other valuable contacts. You'll often end up staying in touch with a lot of the people you meet at conferences.  The NAMS Workshop is a great conference to attend.  No matter where you are at in your business, they have a workshop for you.  the NAMS Workshop is held two times per year in Atlanta.

3.  Local Meetups

There are many local meetups you can attend. These might include entrepreneur meetups, internet marketing meetups, tech meetups, blogger meetups or meetups in your specific niche or industry. Start by looking on, then network your way into other events.

In-person events are a fantastic way of meeting like-minded people in the same geographical area. You can then co-work with the people you meet or brainstorm ideas later on.

4.  Form a Mastermind Group

A mastermind group is a group of people who get together in person or online on a regular basis to share ideas and help one another succeed. In a typical workplace, co-workers regularly bounce ideas off one another. For the home business owner, the mastermind group is the place to do this.

Most mastermind groups are small and need to be formed by the members themselves. Attend local events, go to conferences and look for people who're at a similar level to where you're at. Then bring up the topic of forming a mastermind group together. Make sure everyone is clear about what they want to get from the group.  I belong to a mastermind group over at Niche Affiliate Marketing System (NAMS).  We meet online every two weeks on a Tuesday for one hour.

These are some of the ways you can add more human interaction to your home-based business. Flying solo all the time not only isn't effective, but is quite unhealthy. Invest the time to build some relationships in your area. It really makes a difference.

How to Prepare for an Online Job

by Ron P on December 3, 2012

in Work From Home

How to Prepare for an Online Job

In the modern world, working online is becoming more and more common. There are perks for the employer and the employee – employers do not have to provide office space, parking, or office equipment; employees do not have to drive to work, buy a new wardrobe, or use gasoline to go to work. With computers and online connections becoming so commonplace, online jobs are becoming equally common.

So how do you prepare for a online job? Here are some tips.

Consider a Website or Blog

You can simply submit resumes online, but if you have a specific skill set you can offer (and anyone searching for a job does!), then consider setting up a website or blog that has pertinent information for prospective employers to peruse. Such a site would include samples of your work, a compelling home page with an overview of your skills and experience, and contact information.  I have seen some really big things happen to people using a blog as way to promote yourself.  One of the blogs I follow is Smart Passive Income. I was impressed on how he got a gig doing social media for a movie through his blog.

Focus and Refine

When you are looking for an online job, consider looking for a company for which you want to work and contacting the hiring manager. This is a different approach than applying for job postings, but that strategy does work.  Check out our work from home jobs section from this blog Work From Home Tips Online Jobs. Targeting a specific company and offering your skills helps refine your search to include only those types of jobs you really want, and those employers who are most likely to want you. You may find a page on the company's website where you can fill out a form and provide a profile.

Social Networking

If you're going to be working online, then it may pay to have an online presence. Online groups like LinkedIn are helpful for exchanging business and contact information (not unlike the way people exchange business cards in real life).

In addition to the general social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook (you can do a professional page on Facebook in addition to or instead of your personal one), take a look at job boards that target your niche. For instance, there are job boards geared toward freelance writers, editors, and web designers. Join one of these that matches your skill set.

Don't Shy Away from Videos

Have you thought about doing a video resume, or augmenting your text resume with a video? This can act as a precursor to an interview; prospective employers can see your demeanor, what you look like, your speaking style, and so forth. Consider preparing a video resume. You can post this on your website, and also send it round to various prospective employers.  I didn't use Video for years.  I'm starting to use Video to get my Work From Home Tips out on the internet now.

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