Just recently I read the Kindle Book Four Ways to Make Money with Amazon: Arbitrage, eCommerce, Kindle, and Amazon Associates by S.Herrmann.  The book offers 4 ways to make money with Amazon.  

Since 2000, Selling on Amazon has been helping individuals and businesses increase sales and reach new customers.  Today, more than 40% of Amazon's total sales come from third-party selections.  

In 2007, With the release of the first Kindle. Amazon offered Kindle Direct Publishing, which allows authors and publishers to independently publish their books directly through Amazon.

The Amazon Associates affiliate program was launched in 1996.  This program has been around for 20yrs.  It's a proven way to help individuals make money by advertising the millions of products that Amazon offer.

The book is a quick read, only 35 pages.  The book gets straight to the topic, no fluff in this book.  The author explains that he has tried all 4 of the money making ideals in his book and the writing of this book is based on his experience. I found the book to be on point based on my experience with the Amazon selling platforms.  

In his chapter about Arbitrage he links out to some great resources and share locations where you can find great deals on inventory to sell on Amazon.The chapter about eCommerce explain the strategy about how to tie your Amazon store and website together for increased sales.  Again he links out to some great resources that can help you accomplish this.

The Kindle chapter explains the most common pricing of Kindle Books and Kindle Programs like Kindle Unlimited.  The author discuss Kindle Book formatting and long term strategies for making money with Kindle Books.

The chapter on Amazon Associates affiliate program describes how to make money with the program.  He explains the commission rate and explain how to use your blog to make money with the Amazon Associates  affiliate program.

I rate Four Ways to Make Money with Amazon: Arbitrage, eCommerce, Kindle, and Amazon Associates with 5 out of 5 stars.  The book gets straight to the point with precise and accurate information based on my experience.  The book is up to date and can be put to use immediately.  Author also provides two additional ways to generate income with Amazon.



5 ways to succeed working from homeWorking from home can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. The option  to telecommute or work from home full-time can really enhance your mood and  really give you some sort of work life balance.  

Many top companies like Amazon and United Health Care allow their workers to  work from home full or part-time.  

It takes discipline to work from home.  

I'm very grateful for my work from home opportunities over the years. I got see  my youngest child grow up.  I got enjoy every important moment on those days  when he would come home from school.  I’m really grateful for the special  moments I got to witness.  Moments that I wouldn’t have witnessed if I was working in an office full time.  Life is very short and we must enjoy the little things while still attempting to provide for our families.

In this article I’m going to give you 5 tips that can help you succeed at working from home.

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Telecommute Jobs for 12/17/15

by Ron P on December 16, 2015

in Work From Home Jobs


PLEASE READ: All jobs listed are advertised as telecommute jobs .  Note: Some jobs will list a location and you may have to reside in that location to be considered for the job.  To apply to the jobs listed , click on the link provided. Please read and follow the instructions on the job announcement.

SR Quality Analyst 1

Cerner Orders and PowerPlans Advisor

Data Analyst

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Working from Home can be very productive if done correctly. If daily goals aren't set. We can spend half the day doing task that aren't focused. During the time we are working from home, we need to be very focused on our task that need to be completed.

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Working from home is great alternative to the daily commute, dealing with the office politics, and can be very helpful if you have young kids.  Working from home offers great freedom, but if you are not disciplined it's not going to work for you. Here is 5 tips to stay on task with your work from home opportunity that will benefit you and your employer.

1. Create your own space – Working from your chair in your bedroom or the kitchen table will not work.  I used to share a office with my my wife, that didn't work for me.  I found a area up stairs in the open play area my kids use.  I created my own office in a small area over by the window and moved a desk and all the other office things I needed to do my job.  Try to eliminate all distractions in your dedicated office space and only use it for work – just like you would do at your desk in an office.

2. Set boundaries – When at the office you are more likely not to get interrupted by family.   When working from home.  Do not disturb rules need to be established.  Whatever your rule is, make sure everybody in the family is on the same page.

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