20 Minute Work From Home Workout

by Ron P on March 26, 2020

in Work From Home

My little work from home workout space in the garage

Can’t go to the gym? No need to worry. We can get a good work from home workout in with minimal equipment. I like to use resistance bands, you can get them for around $20 bucks on amazon. I also use hand dumbbells, these can be pricey. The more the dumbbell weigh. The higher the price. I have 1 set of 10, 15, 20 and 25. I bought them over a span of a few months. Other things you may want for your home gym is a jump rope, battle rope and exercise ball. I put my home gym together for only a few hundred bucks. Having the equipment is good but you don’t need none of that stuff. You can get a perfectly good workout in by only using your own body weight.

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Back in 2013 I was really going through some tough times I thought. I owed the IRS and I had about 40K in credit card debt. I took a pay cut at my job and I just couldn’t afford to pay everything. I read James Altucher’s book, ‘Choose Yourself’. He mentioned how he lost everything and basically said fuck it until he got back on his feet.

After finishing the book on July 4th 2013. I immediately emailed him for advice. He responded back within 15 minutes with the following advice. It was the best advice I ever received, even if I did get sued by several Credit Card companies.

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With COVID-19 outbreak throughout the world. Many companies are forcing there employees to work from home. Staying connected to your co-workers is essential. This is 2020 and most workplaces are setup for their employees to work from home. Staying connected is still something you have to focus on if working from home isn’t something you do all the time. Below are a couple of tips to help you with staying connected. [Read More…]

This is week 2 of my case study “Driving for Uber and Lyft in 2018″.  I worked more hours in week 2.  I was very strategic and it payed off.  I was logged into the driver apps for 25 hours during week 2.  Let’s get to the results.

For Uber I spent 20 hrs online.  I completed 38 trips and was paid $525.89.  This total also includes $48 dollars in tips I got through the app.  I’m very happy with the tips.  My goal is to get a $1.oo for every ride I complete. Keep on reading

This is week 1 of my case study “Driving for Uber and Lyft in 2018”. Since my last post there was a study released by MIT that Rideshare drivers on average only make $3.37 dollars per hour.  Well I don’t see that now and I haven’t seen it in the past.  Let’s get back to my Week 1 results.

For Uber I spent 9hrs online and completed 12 trips and was paid out $226.93.  This was short week.  I didn’t have much free time to drive. Keep on reading