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3 Types Work From Home Jobs – The Pros and Cons

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Who doesn’t want to work from home, right? There are so many different benefits of doing so, that it’s easy to see why it is such a popular goal. What some people forget to think about is that there are a few different ways that this can be accomplished. What follows is a basic explanation of each, along with their respective pros and cons.

For your current employer – Many companies are now offering certain positions the option of telecommuting. You still do the tasks of your current job, but you do them from home on most days of the week. You may have to go in once or twice a week for various reasons, but for the most part you will be at home.

Pros: Less commuting. Steady and assured income and benefits. Continued employment.
Cons: Less flexible. Still have a boss. Demands on time and proof of work may be high.

For an online affiliate program – An affiliate program is nothing more than selling something for someone else, and getting a % or flat amount per sale. There are programs for just about any product you can imagine, and there are people who have become wealthy doing this alone. A quick to find them is to search online, using the topic you are interested in followed by the term ‘affiliates’, or ‘affiliate program’. Here are some affiliate programs: “GoDaddy, Groupon, QuickBooks, and many moreĀ “.

Pros: Product is already created. Very flexible. High profit margin. Available sales materials.
Cons: Lots of competition for some categories. Need some marketing know-how. Some affiliate providers are not good about paying on time or in full (do your due diligence).

For yourself – The dream of millions of people around the world. Being your own boss, and making tons of money doing it. There are as many ways to do this as there are people. But is not all fun and games. It takes work and persistence, but the good news is that it is possible and incredibly rewarding. You may find that the worst day working for yourself, is better than the best day you ever had working for someone else.

Pros: Most flexibility. No boss. Keep all profits. Set your own hours. Work where you like. Vacations.
Cons: Must be self-motivated. Responsible for all paperwork, taxes. Pay for own insurance, retirement, etc.

While there are different ways that you can work from home, at least one of them should fit your style. Maybe you do need more structure, with someone to report to. Perhaps that’s the last thing you want, but prefer to be spontaneous. Finally, there is no rule that says you cannot shift from one to the other. Whatever you choose, you are sure to see the benefits that only being at home brings.

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