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4 Quick Tips for Creating Viral Reports

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Viral marketing has been around forever. Consider one type of viral marketing – marketing through word of mouth. By our nature, when we love (or really dislike) a product, we tend to tell others.  That’s viral marketing. It spreads like a virus.

Viral marketing continues to be one of the top ways to market any business whether it is online or in person. Creating viral reports is one way of kicking word of mouth marketing up a notch to the next level online. There are few marketing techniques that work as well as this one even in the age of Web 2.0 marketing.

Let’s start by defining the term “viral reports”. Essentially, these are pdf reports  created by you that people in your target market pass along to others.

Why would others pass along your report? Your viral report will generally include something that is interesting, may spark a debate, or is entertaining in some way. It can also be a source of income for the person sharing the report as you’ll see in just a minute. The report is usually free, and generally acts as a lead in to your paid products or other services.

Now you can harness the power of viral reports with these 4 quick and easy tips.

Quick Tip #1: Research Your Market to Spark Ideas

One of the hardest parts about launching a viral report is deciding on a subject. It’s not an uncommon occurrence to be met with writer’s block that you believe you’ll never overcome. The good news is that if you do your research and decide what your target market is looking for, that you will discover what they want, and guide you to give it to them – thus keeping writer’s block to a bare minimum.

Visit online forums, blogs, websites, and social websites to get an idea for what is currently popular and what is interesting to people in your market right now. Is there a hot topic? What are the questions asked in the most-viewed threads on the forums?

Remember, if you want your viral report to take off, you need to make sure you’re writing about something people are highly interested in.

Quick Tip #2: Make it Easy to Pass Along

The main point of viral marketing is that people will pass your report to others and they in turn will do the same. You’ll want to make it extremely easy for them to do so. One way would be to make the report readily available at your website and allow visitors the option to download it without even having to opt in to your mailing list. Though you may be hesitant about trying this, you must remember the more roadblocks you put up, the less chance people will have of obtaining the report and subsequently passing it on to others.

A great tip is to make sure you include a statement in the book that clearly explains that people can pass the information along to whomever they choose.

Simply state the following inside the report:

“If you loved this report feel free to send it to a friend!”

“Please pass on this valuable information to your friends and family!”

“Don’t be stingy. Share this report with a friend!”

Sometimes, people need to be told exactly what they can and cannot do. If you make it clear that they can and should pass along your viral report, they will be more apt to do just that.

Quick Tip #3: Avoid Fluff

Your viral report is just that, a report. It should not include long, flowery language in an attempt to extend its length. Keep your writing precise and to the point.

Remember, your main goal is to get your report passed on to others again and again, so share valuable information in an easy-to-read language. Readers will not recommend a report that was boring, or was a waste of their time.

Make sure you clearly lay out to the reader what they can expect or what benefit they will take away after reading it. If you can accomplish these goals, your report will be passed on over and over.

Quick Tip #4: Money Talks.

If you include product recommendations inside the viral reports, it’s a good idea to allow people to brand your report with their own affiliate links.

Which grabs your attention more?

Share this report, because it’s good.


Share this report and earn money!

There are several software programs that make it easy for people to customize your reports with their affiliate links. One very popular program is ViralPDF.com Since it’s possible your readers can earn money from customizing the report they will be much more motivated to share the reports with others.

Creating viral reports is really a lot of fun and can make for an effective marketing campaign. Remember to make your report both interesting and informative so people enjoy it and pass it along. Avoid filling it with fluff so that readers feel the report has value. And, make the report brandable so everyone who receives a copy of the report can instantly understand the benefit of passing it along to others.

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