4 Quick Tips for Starting a Coaching Program

by Ron P on June 21, 2010

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Would you consider yourself knowledgeable in one particular area or subject? If you are, you may want to consider starting a coaching or consulting program. A coaching program can be very rewarding and profitable, but you must be committed to your subject area and the people you wish to educate before jumping into this decision.

If started correctly, coaching is a business that has the potential to grow and flourish while providing a much needed service to others. Below are some tips that can start you on the road to a successful coaching business.

Quick Tip #1: Decide What Kind of Coach to Be

Of course the first step would be deciding which niche you would like to specialize in. This is the time to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.

–        What is your background in as far as past education?

–        What work experience to you have?

–        What do people regularly ask you about?

–        What are you excited or passionate about?

Answer those questions and you’ll start to get a picture of your options.

You also may need to consider whether to specialize in something you know and are good at, versus something you may have a passion for.

For instance, you may have a background in medicine and could easily coach people in the medical profession, but your heart may be in the fight to have more moms work at home to be with their children. Each would be a valid coaching program but you would want to make the decision before starting.

Something that may affect your decision would be what the need seems to be. I recommend that you do market research to help you determine where you can find paying clients. After all you can’t grow your business if no one signs up.

Quick Tip #2: Be Committed for the Long Haul

A coaching profession can be a wonderful and fulfilling endeavor and a sustainable business. Before you choose this path, consider whether it will be a short-term or long-term offering.

If you open up your coaching for the long-haul, your students will be putting their trust in your expertise to learn something new. You can tarnish your reputation if you do not follow through, and they may lose trust in other coaches which could halt their own personal growth as well.

So, if you decide to forge ahead and start a coaching program and decide to run it as an ongoing business – stay committed, enthusiastic and focused. In fact, you’ll most likely want a coach of your own to help you to become the best coach that you can be.

Not only will you get more back financially in your business growth, you will develop wonderful references and personal relationships that may last a lifetime.

Quick Tip #3: Use a Multi-Learning Approach

Each one of us learns differently and at a different pace. Being a coach means that you recognize this and can easily adapt to it depending upon the individual needs of your students.

Students will be classified as hands on learners, visual learners, auditory learners, and still others will want to read and study independently. It is your job to focus on each of these modalities in your coaching program; whether you’re coaching in person or online.

You may wish to use a variety of interactive lessons, video, audio, chat sessions, and written content.

This example would also ring true if you are coaching offline as well. If you cover all possible student preferences, your students will learn better and without frustration.

Quick Tip #4: Ask for Feedback from your Students

Many coaches are confident in what they are teaching and expect their students to pick up the subject with ease. Unfortunately this may not always be the case. The best way to find out if your students are happy is to simply ask them.

Your students will always be the best judges of how you may need to improve your program. Asking for feedback can become a beneficial tool in your success. You may want to prepare a survey after each lesson so you can carefully prepare for the next. Students can tell you if they are confused by something, not grasping the information, feel your lessons are not clear and a whole host of other suggestions.

Use this information to your advantage. Try not to see it as criticism but as an insightful tool to ensure your success (and profit) in the future.  

Starting a coaching program is an excellent way to showcase your strengths and help other people to excel.  If you remember to pay careful attention to different learning styles and speeds of learning, your coaching business will grow by leaps and bounds.

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