5 Telecommuter Tips

by Ron P on October 12, 2011

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Becoming a telecommuter is a great thing.  As we talked about in “5 Things to Consider Before You Become a Telecommuter” there are things you need to workout before you start to telecommute.  Here are some tips to help you succeed.

Set a firm schedule.  Get up at a certain time and get going with a clear schedule, letting your co-workers and boss know when you will be available.  Work when it’s time to work.  Make it a priority to stick to your schedule.

Get dressed.  To get into the right mindset, get dressed.  Dress comfortably but put on some clothes.

Determine a work area.  Another trick into getting in the correct telecommuter mindset is to set a space for work.  Have everything you need close at hand.  Keep your desk neat and organized.

Take breaks.  Get up and take walk.  Go outside and get some sun.  Do not skip your lunch break. Quit when it’s time to quit work.

Stay connected.  To ward of isolation, stay connected with your office.  Collaborate with co-workers over email, instant messaging, and phone.

Being a telecommuter can be mutually-beneficial arrangement for you and your employer.  If you feel you are a candidate to be a telecommuter, go for it and enjoy the life.


p.s.  I have been a telecommuter since 2006 and it allows me to be more productive.  I love the telecommute lifestyle.

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