5 Things to Consider Before You Become a Telecommuter

by Ron P on October 6, 2011

in Telecommuting


Are you currently a telecommuter?  Do you have a desire to become a telecommuter?  If you've ever dreamed of joining the telecommuter crowd and wondered if it's for you, here are 5 things to consider.

1.  Do you have the right job?  Is your work portable and how much requires you to be in the office?  Do you have daily meetings that must be attended in the office?

2. How well do you perform your job?  Can you work without constant supervision?  Do you have a history of getting your job done at a high level?

3. Are you a effictive communicator?  Are you good at communicating with your co-workers and supervisors?  Being a Telecommuter will require very good communication skills.

4. Are you self-disciplined and organized?  Do you allow yourself to get distracted by things around you (television, household chores, family activites, fridge, pets, etc).  Working from requires great discipline.

5. Do you know how to stop working when it is time to stop?  When working from home, work is accessible around the clock, will you know when to call it quits, or will you overwork and ignore the important things like family?

With all this in mind, make the right decision about deciding to become a telecommuter.



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