Finding Legitimate Work at Home Jobs

by Ron P on February 22, 2012

in Work From Home


legitimate work at homeLegitimate work at home jobs seem to be the ideal solution for all types of work-related woes. You get to set your own hours, do work you enjoy, and don't have to put up with the cost or hassle of a commute. Do you telecommute with your current job?  Telecommuting is a great way to begin your legitimate work at home job experience.  Here are some things to help you find the right job to do from the comfort of your own home. The process is simple, and will reveal things about yourself, expectations, and what type of work is best for you.

1. What do you like to do? As long as you are going to be your own boss, you may as well focus on doing something you like, right? So, make a long list of everything you like to do. Don't worry about whether or not they are viable from a business standpoint (you will sort it all out later), just list as many as you can.

2. What don't you like to do? – Make a list of the things you don't like to do. Hopefully the previous list you made is longer. When it comes to business, there are some things that have to be done, but you don't like to do. That's okay, you can always get someone else to take of those tasks for you – hiring an accountant to do your taxes, for example.

3. What are your current skills? – Knowing what you like and don't like to do is only part of the bigger picture. You also need to know what you can do. Think of the skills you use on your current job, but don't forget to include other skills you have. There is no question that you will learn new things along the way, but having some skills when starting out will help immensely.

4. Put it all together. If you've done your homework well, then you can start finding jobs that are a good fit for you personally. The goal is to avoid (or outsource) what you don't like, and to find something you do like and have the skills to do. It may take some digging to find the right one, but it is out there; even if you have to create it your self.

A word of caution: don't fall into the trap of assuming you have to keep doing what you did for a boss. You are working for yourself, and have the chance to not only have a great boss (you), but to have the career of your dreams. How well of a match you make depends on how well you answered the above questions.

Finally, once you start your legitmate work at home job, you may regret not finding that job sooner, but please don't be hard on yourself. What counts is that you are doing it now, and it feels great!

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