Five Tips to Become a Master of Your Time

by Ron P on May 20, 2011

in Time Management, Work From Home


Working from Home is a blessing when you want to get more productivity out of your day.  Managing your time when you work from is a challenge, but it must be done to correctly maximize your productivity.  Rescue Time is great resource to track your time, it gives you a precise breakdown of your activities and the resource is free.   

Previously we talked about ways to free up time.  Now I have come up with some tips to help you get a handle on better ways to manage your time. 

  1. Carry a schedule and record all your thoughts, conversations and activities for a week. This will help you understand how much you can get done during the course of a day and where your spending your time. By doing this you will see how much of your time is going toward productive activities and how much time is spent on unproductive activities.
  2. Any activity or conversation that will be produce positive results should have time assigned to it.  To-do lists sometimes just don’t get done, appointment books work. Schedule appointments with yourself and create time blocks to execute actions that will benefit your business. Schedule when they will begin and end. Have the discipline to keep these appointments and honor your time blocks.
  3. Take the first 20 minutes of every day to plan your day. Don’t start your day until you complete your time plan. The most important time of your day is the time you schedule to schedule time.
  4. Put up a “Do not disturb” sign when you absolutely have to get work done.  If the kids are home, let them know you can’t be disturbed when the sign is up.
  5. Practice not answering the phone just because it’s ringing and e-mails just because they show up. Don’t instantly give people your attention unless it’s absolutely crucial in to your business.   Instead, schedule a time to answer email and return phone calls.  I schedule time to check my email and return phone calls two times per day.

Hope these tips help with becoming a master of your time.


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