How to Become an eBay PowerSeller

by Ron P on February 17, 2012

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eBay powersellerAn eBay PowerSeller is simply a person who has a lot of sales and excellent feedback.  For the lowest level eBay PowerSeller, this means an average of $1000 in sales each month for three months. The next highest level is $3000 in sales during the same period. After that, it is $10,000, the one after that is $25, 000, and the highest level is $150,000. These all seem like it intimidating psalms, but there are many, many eBay PowerSellers who can make it work.

To achieve that level of sales there are two schools of thought. You can either sell a high number of low-priced items, or a few high priced items. Selling a few high-priced items is of course preferable, but it will cost much more to purchase the inventory. For the most part, eBay PowerSellers simply build up an inventory over time of inexpensive items. These can be items that are purchased locally at garage sales, yard sales, and at auctions. Estate auctions are quite popular for picking up items a different price ranges. It is possible to buy items at estate sales and sell them at a very high profit margin.  Many antiques dealers achieve eBay PowerSeller status by regularly attending estate sales and buying antiques.

It is possible to purchase small inexpensive items and build up a client base over time that will come back to purchase them again and again. By providing excellent customer service, you can count on customers coming back to see what you are offering. These inexpensive items can include books, craft items, clothing, or anything else that is in high demand. Some sellers also find manufacturers to buy their items in large bulk in order to sell them more profitably. Manufacturers can be found by doing online searches in the categories that you are interested in selling. For example, if you are interested in selling shoes, taking a few days to search out shoe manufacturers may yield you a few options on where to buy your items. Having a business license with a tax ID number makes this process much easier, as most manufacturers will require it before they can sell to you.

Being an eBay PowerSeller doesn’t give you any price breaks on your eBay fees, but it is something that can instill more confidence in you for prospective buyers. This leads to more customers, more sales, and ever higher eBay PowerSeller levels.

I recently included eBay in my funnel to make extra money from home.   My first goal is to become an eBay PowerSeller.  I learned quickly that I needed to increase my knowledge to obtain that goal.  I did some research and purchased “book name”, so far so good.  I haven’t obtained the goal yet, but I’m on my way, check out my stats for the last 120 days. 


I used the Skip McGrath's  eBay Business System – Learn How to Sell on eBay to get me started on the right path and it worked.  I’m looking forward to seeing that eBay PowerSeller icon beside my name soon.

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