How to Choose a Work from Home Job

by Ron P on November 29, 2009

in Work From Home


Working from home seems like the best choice for a lot of people. They crave the freedom, flexibility, and money that come from working at home. But what kind of work from home job should you choose? There is no one size fits all opportunity out there- different jobs mesh well with different skill sets and personality types.


Sales is a good fit for those who aren’t shy about self-promotion. In sales it isn’t really about promoting the product- it’s about promoting you. Those who do well at sales enjoy talking to new people and take the next step necessary to land sales. This may be cold calls, conferences, email campaigns, etc. There is also affiliate sales, which requires the shameless promotion of other people and their products. But, those who are interesting in selling and not interested in talking to a dozen strangers a day can still sell via ecommerce. Sellers on eBay and related sites can sell from the comfort of home without ever marketing themselves beyond their listing. These sites are great for those who want to limit the amount of interaction they have with clients and buyers.


The number of services available on the market today is practically infinite, and more are being created every day. Services can be as simple as providing wake up calls to clients, or as complex as web design collaboration. There are also real estate agents who work from home, freelance writers, programmers, professional organizers, baby proofers, and people doing anything else that can be considered a sought after service. Service workers should also like meeting and talking to people. They should be able to spend a great deal of time in self promotion and the marketing of their service.


Home workers who telecommute from a central company got there in one of two ways. Either the job began on site and then drifted to homes as the company realized the cost savings of off-site workers, or the job began as a telecommuting position. In either situation, the worker generally remains a full-fledged employee of the company, while still benefiting from all of the advantages of working at home. This can mean employer-paid health insurance as well as an employer to pay the so-called self-employment tax. Telecommuting positions are perfect for those who want some of the security and supervision of an on-site job but still crave work flexibility.

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