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by Ron P on May 23, 2012

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eBay powersellerWith eBay’s recently announced changes which make listing items cheaper.  Many people are considering figuring out how to get started selling on eBay

More than 70,000 Americans make their living by selling items on eBay. This makes it one of the most popular ways to own your own business. eBay has very little overhead, it requires only the cost of the items you want to sell and small listings fees.

To get started selling on eBay, you need to create a seller’s account. A buyer’s account does not require registering a credit card, but a seller’s account does. After registering a valid credit card and having it approved by eBay, the account will be ready for selling. Then it is just a matter of listing items to sell. These can be anything at all- most people start by selling items from around the house that are no longer needed.

When selling items, the items from around the house, such as outgrown clothing or old knick knacks, may run out. This means searching for new inventory. Some of the best and most inexpensive places to look are thrift stores and garage sales. These offer a wide variety of items for next to nothing prices. Some of the best items to sell come from these sources, as the low prices can lead to a high profit ratio. It is possible to find interesting collectibles for a few dollars and sell them for $100 or more. There are some eBay sellers who make their living doing just that.


For most items, you will need to have a clear photograph. Investing in an inexpensive digital camera will give you the best chance of selling items. If you don’t have a camera, it is still possible to sell items. These items simply have to be items that have a stock photo stored on eBay. These include media items, such as books, movies, CDs, computer games, etc. When listing the item, go to the “Sell” tab at the top, and then create your title and description of the item. This should be an accurate description of the item, including its condition. Then, when the listing options appear, choose the “stock photo” option. This inserts a standard photo of the item into the auction.

Once you have your photo, title, and description, you have to decide how much to charge for shipping. Adding a dollar or two to the actual shipping price is common. This is an accepted way to make up for the eBay selling fees and is not against the rules. After you have sold an item, make sure to send it promptly and keep communication open with the buyer. This ensures many more customers coming your way.

Starting a business on eBay is very easy now and it’s very inexpensive to get started.  I really like selling on eBay.  I sell consistantly on eBay every month.  Take a look at my current eBay listings.  I only spend about 10-15 hrs per week working on my eBay business and it's a consistant money maker.





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