Work From Home Tip – Have a Internet Backup

by Ron P on April 4, 2020

in Work From Home Tips


When working from home you have to be a professional. At times you will loose your internet connection. Your boss don’t want to hear you can’t connect to the internet. If know your internet provider is going to be out for a day, you need to have a internet backup plan.

I suggest a mobile WiFi Hotspot. I use a Hotspot I purchased through my phone provider. It uses my phone data plan. When I travel I use it. I don’t use none the free WiFi available through hotels, restaurants or coffee shops.

You can hook up many devices to these Hotspots. Above everything it give you peace of mind. I don’t worry anymore like I used to when I was using public WiFi connections.

The following link show many Wifi Hotspots.

Mobile Wifi Hotspots

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