Legitimate Work from Home Job of the Day for March 10th, 2011

by Ron P on March 10, 2011

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 Part Time Construction Industry Research Contractor

Large marine and civil construction company in the Northeast is seeking a part time work from home professional to help identify potential jobs in Florida. The ideal candidate would be someone who previously worked for the government or in the civil construction industry and is looking for a side project. While the company currently uses a variety of tools to search for jobs, we are looking for someone who may have local knowledge and/or contacts in the civil or marine construction industry on the east coast.

Primary Responsibilities include:

Periodically searching for information about potential marine construction jobs using the internet, newspapers, or personal contacts.
Periodically sending emails to point of contact in the office summarizing opportunities found and occasionally performing additional research at the request of management.

This role may be perfect for a retired individual as there are no specific hour requirements for the job. Performance will be judged on quality of leads sent to the company.

If interested, please respond by email with a description of your background, availability, and contact information.

Reply to:  job-efvjb-2228181626@craigslist.org to get further information about the opportunity.

Additional Job Description:

Compensation: $500-$750 a month depending on experience. We will enter into a month to month subcontractor agreement.

Telecommuting is ok.

This is a part-time job.

This is a contract job.

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