Make Money Driving for Uber and Lyft in 2018 – Week 2

by Ron P on March 27, 2018

in Rideshare Driver


This is week 2 of my case study “Driving for Uber and Lyft in 2018″.  I worked more hours in week 2.  I was very strategic and it payed off.  I was logged into the driver apps for 25 hours during week 2.  Let’s get to the results.

For Uber I spent 20 hrs online.  I completed 38 trips and was paid $525.89.  This total also includes $48 dollars in tips I got through the app.  I’m very happy with the tips.  My goal is to get a $1.oo for every ride I complete.

For Lyft I spent a little over 5hrs online.  I completed 12 rides and earned $217.52.  Tips were good for Lyft also.  I got $24.00 in tips.

For Uber I was reimbursed $55.60 in toll charges and for Lyft I was reimbursed for $25.72 in toll charges.  After subtracting the toll charges from my earnings.  My hourly rate for Uber was $22.89 and for Lyft $36.53, with a average hourly rate between both platforms of $29.71.  This is pretty good for working 25hrs.  Focusing on early mornings 4am – 9am during the week and driving on Sunday during the day.

Again for tracking I use Quickbooks Self-Employed.  This app is a must for me.  It tracks your miles.  It syncs between your bank account and app.  It’s a must if you are bringing in 1099 income.

  • New Uber Drivers will get up to 350 dollars guaranteed after signing up: Sign up for Uber
  • New Lyft Drivers will get up to $500 dollars guaranteed if you sign up: Sign up for Lyft

For week 3 I will work more hours.  I will put in a full-time week soon ’40hrs’.


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