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by Ron P on October 25, 2011

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Working at home is more popular than ever, thanks to the many opportunities that the internet offers. There are several different types of legitimate work at home opportunities, with a wide variety of work situations available. Many people working at home are employees of a company, with all rights and protections afforded by that company. But, most people working at home are independent contractors, working from within their own home business.

One of the quickest way to get a home business started is to begin direct sales. Many people choose direct sales jobs that allow them to buy items from a company for resale. Some of these include Melaleuca, Herbal Life, and PartyLite Candles among many others. Selling from home can comprise selling the items online, selling to friends through catalogs, or throwing sales parties in which groups of customers are introduced to the product. The main downside with direct sales is that the seller is usually required to buy some of the product up front before any sales are made. There are also generally sign up fees, and sometimes training fees, when beginning direct sales.

Working at home can also comprise selling items that you never see and never handle. Selling for other people through affiliate marketing is one of the fastest growing work at home opportunities online. By signing up as an affiliate with companies offering items for sale, affiliates market the items themselves and take a commission on the sales they bring in. Affiliates often sign up for dozens of different programs in order to have several streams of income. In addition to their affiliate sales, many affiliates also prefer to have their own front end product to sell online. This can include an ebook, special report or software that they have commissioned and own the rights to. Having a front end product also means that other affiliates can sign up to sell.

Sales through third party web sites are also a popular way to be able to make money from home. Selling items through a third party means no web site maintenance of your own, while allowing the site owner to market the site. EBay, half.com, Amazon, and other similar sites all follow this model. A seller listing items through a third party site means they will take advantage of the traffic that is normally brought in through that site, leading to higher sales numbers than a start-up site. It also means that the third party takes a percentage, however. To be profitable enough to continue selling through these sites, most sellers must sell at a high volume and profit margin. This means finding a steady stream of items to sell and a site that has a history of selling that item for a fair price. But, there are thousands of people who are able to do just that, making their livings selling items online and working in their living rooms. Items are available through estate auctions, yard sales, and anywhere that people are getting rid of items inexpensively.


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