Stay on Task when Working From Home

by Ron P on October 22, 2015

in Work From Home Tips


Working from home is great alternative to the daily commute, dealing with the office politics, and can be very helpful if you have young kids.  Working from home offers great freedom, but if you are not disciplined it's not going to work for you. Here is 5 tips to stay on task with your work from home opportunity that will benefit you and your employer.

1. Create your own space – Working from your chair in your bedroom or the kitchen table will not work.  I used to share a office with my my wife, that didn't work for me.  I found a area up stairs in the open play area my kids use.  I created my own office in a small area over by the window and moved a desk and all the other office things I needed to do my job.  Try to eliminate all distractions in your dedicated office space and only use it for work – just like you would do at your desk in an office.

2. Set boundaries – When at the office you are more likely not to get interrupted by family.   When working from home.  Do not disturb rules need to be established.  Whatever your rule is, make sure everybody in the family is on the same page.

3. Put in quality time – When working from home it's easy to cheat on the time you work, but you not just cheating your employer, you are also cheating yourself.  No reason to try to watch a Netflix movie while working.  No reason to try to clean the restrooms while working.  Put in your time during the time you have allocated for work and reward yourself with that Netflix movie once you finished with work.  You can also clean the restrooms when you finished with work also.

4. Schedule breaks/move around – Setup your own breaks. I utilize the Pomodoro Technique.  Work for 25 minutes and then take a 3 – 5 minute break, after the 4th Pomodoro – take a 30 minute break.  So basically every 2 hours take extended break. A 15 minute walk during your break will do wonders for your stress level.  Whatever you do, set a schedule and stick to it.

5. Keep open communication with your employer – It can be difficult for your employer to track you when you not in the office.  If a emergency occur and your employer can't reach you, it can be frustrating for you and your employer.  Make sure you keep the lines of communication open with your employer.  Email and Instant Messaging is a couple of ways to stay connected with your employer.

Working from home can be a challenge sometimes, but if you set a routine and stick to it there is no reason you can't be successful working from home.







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