Staying Connected While Working Remotely

by Ron P on March 11, 2020

in Work From Home Tips


With COVID-19 outbreak throughout the world. Many companies are forcing there employees to work from home. Staying connected to your co-workers is essential. This is 2020 and most workplaces are setup for their employees to work from home. Staying connected is still something you have to focus on if working from home isn’t something you do all the time. Below are a couple of tips to help you with staying connected.


1. Clearly communicate your working hours.

2. Remember to set your status on your communication software (skype, Microsoft Teams, Slack etc) when you are away, available or Out of Office.

3. Hopefully you don’t have to attend a lot of meetings. Make sure you attend your required meetings.

Maintain boundaries

1. If you take a walk when you are in the office, do the same thing when you are home.

2. If you workout at lunch time when you are in the office. Do the same thing when you work from home.

3. Make time to eat a proper meal.

4. When you finish your workday, make sure that is truly the end of your work day.

Relax and Enjoy

It’s a blessing to have the opportunity to work from home. Saving on commute time, avoiding COVID-19, being around your kids are just a few things that is great about working from home. You will have to adjust, but it will be worth it.

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