Why More Mothers are Working at Home

by Ron P on November 29, 2009

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The recent rise of the stay at home mother has allowed more and more mothers the opportunity to stay at home during the day to watch their families grow. This trend is now giving rise to the work at home mother, who is able to stay home and put the same care into her family, all while earning an income and contributing financially to the household. For many women, the loss of an income is troubling and represents a loss of freedom. For others, they are unable to afford staying at home unless an income is earned. And for still others, working at home makes them feel more valued. Whatever a mother’s reasons, working at home offers the best of both worlds to those women who are able to accomplish it.

One of the hardest things many working mothers face is leaving their children each day with strangers at a daycare, or even with relatives who must watch the children each day. Even when the childcare situation is ideal, the cost rarely is. Many mothers crave working at home because the entire childcare question is eliminated. Not only is the childcare situation taken care of, but there are no lost work days when a child is sick and can’t stay in day care. There are no lost jobs when a sick child must be taken to a doctor without notice. Working at home is a family-friendly choice that places the family in the highest priority.

Another hard fact of life these days is the general lack of job security. Working for someone else is never secure anymore, and the size and scope of a company doesn’t save it from layoffs or even closing its doors. When a mother works for herself, she has every motivation to keep working, and will never lay herself off. Job security is a given for the self employed. Even if their chosen field should change, the self-employed can make the transition without ever being out of a job. This translates into better monetary security for a family, and less worrying on the part of the mom.

Working at home has a few other advantages that aren’t quite as apparent. One of them is the opportunity for children to see first hand what it is their mother does. This can even entail teaching the children valuable work skills that can help their in the future. Even if a job is quite technical in nature, a child can still be taught self-discipline and determination by watching their mother work at home.

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