Work From Home Tip #1 – Create a To-Do-List and Get it Done

by Ron P on November 2, 2015

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Working from Home can be very productive if done correctly. If daily goals aren't set. We can spend half the day doing task that aren't focused. During the time we are working from home, we need to be very focused on our task that need to be completed.

1. Develop a to-do-list of 1-3 work related things that have to get done today.

2. Half way through the day, revisit your to-do-list and adjust your time so that the things on your list are finished by the end of the work day.

3. At the end of the day. Check the completed task off your list.

It's a great feeling to see those check marks on that to-do-list at the end of the work day.




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