Work From Home Tip – How I save over $3000 per year working from home

by Ron P on April 20, 2020

in Work From Home Tips


On average they say the average work from home worker will save over $5000 per year working from home.

For my self just on the basic stuff I notice a savings of about $3000 dollars. By the basic stuff, I mean (Fuel, Tolls and Food). I reside 21 miles from my office. For my 2015 Chevorelet Malibu, which is great on gas. I usually would have to fill up 1 time per week for around $25 dollars. I spend about $20 dollars per week in tolls. I spend around 60 dollars a week on food. As you notice, my biggest expense was on food. Another reason I don’t like going to the office, is because I eat more. When I leave that cubicle. I go to the caferteria. Why don’t you take your lunch everday? My answer is I just don’t want too. The time to prepare the lunch is the time I can be doing something else.

When I work from home. I take less breaks and I’m not worried about food. I eat much less when I’m working from home. No one comes to my desk asking if I want to walk to cafeteria with them. There is no urge to go checkout the latest event being held for the employees in the cafeteria. For me working from home works. I have no urge at all to go to the office. I find I’m more productive and focused. If I need to go to the 1 hr dentist appointment which is right around the corner from where I reside. I can do that doing lunch. If I’m in the office, I have to take half the day off the take care of something that simple. For someone like me, who don’t need the social aspect of working in a office and if you need to be social. There is many ways to be social while working from home. Being able to work from home is a blessing and very much appreciated by me. Figure out yourself and guide your life to what works for you. Working from home works for me.

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